Helping NGOs do more with their money

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Getting the basics right

Mango can provide the training, staff and support to ensure your finance and programme people have the all the necessary practical tools and knowledge to manage money well

Managing strategy, risk and value for money

Mango can help you plan for long-term financial security and continuity. Our support will ensure you implement best practice and develop a robust financing strategy

Working with donors

Mango can support you to ensure you make the most of donor funding. Build your skills and confidence to keep your donors happy and develop your capabilities for grant and contract management including cost recovery

Working with partners

Mango can provide training, personnel and independent tailored support to help you rapidly assess the financial capacity and risks of working with partners

Building finance capacity

Mango can enable you to build your own financial capacity from within. By integrating our proven content and world-class learning techniques to your own needs and with your own people, you will be empowered to deliver highly effective programmes of your own

Mango helps NGOs do more with their money.

We provide a comprehensive range of services and resources to build confidence, competence and capacity for NGOs.


Our vision

We want to see a world where everyone can be confident that NGOs are making the most of their money. 

By 2016, Mango will train and advise over 15,000 NGOs in 120 countries.  We will help NGOs recruit staff with the finance and management skills needed to raise standards in financial management.  This will give people the confidence, skills and practical tools to help NGOs do more with their money. We will also have supported over one million people working for NGOs with our online resources and support.

Our approach

Our services are carefully designed, tested and quality assured.  We are constantly improving what we do by responding to emerging issues in our specialist professional networks or to feedback from the thousands of NGOs we work with.  We take the fear out of finance and make it more accessible to everyone working in NGOs.  We are working with global partners to develop international financial management standards for NGOs. These standards will help everyone be confident that NGOs:

Who does Mango help?

The majority of the people we help are working for national community-based NGOs who really need our support to achieve more with the little money they have.

As well as working with grass-roots organisations, Mango is helping hundreds of larger international NGOs and major donors to improve their own financial strategies and management and to work better with their partners.

What makes Mango unique?

  1. Our people
    We are passionate about quality and client service.  We deliver excellence through our specialist professionals and wealth of experience of working in NGOs all around the world.  Our values and NGO experience mean we are totally committed to helping individuals and organisations make the changes needed to achieve more with their money.

  2. Our quality
    Our approach is both practical and inspirational.  Every aspect of our client service is quality assured.  Our training is carefully designed and tested to develop the key skills and confidence needed while being highly participatory and fun.  Our consultancy approach ensures we address the underlying causes of financial challenges and propose solutions which lead to lasting change. Our recruitment service matches each client's needs with Mango candidates that are as effective leaders and communicators as they are financial professionals. We learn continually from the thousands of people we work with and we aim to capture all that learning and share it freely and transparently. 

  3. Our networks
    Connecting people enables us to champion innovation, challenge established ways of working and learn more ourselves. Our networks are at the heart of what we do, creating opportunities for NGOs everywhere to achieve their goals. Whether you are trouble shooting, looking for your next NGO finance job, or just starting out in the sector, we have the people, tools and services to help you succeed.