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The aim of our Training Partnerships service is to expand the reach of Mango training, especially where training needs to be tailored to the local context or language.  We support training partners by sharing our expertise, high quality course materials and successful training methodology.

We develop partnerships with other values-based organisations who provide finance training for NGO staff and colleagues.  We have worked with many international NGOs and donor agencies to provide training all around the world. Our clients include:

What does a training partnership look like?

Every training partnership is different!  We work closely with our training partners to design a programme which meets their learning and development objectives.

Typically, our senior trainers work with the training partner's in-house or local partner finance staff to build their confidence and skills to deliver their own relevant and effective finance training programmes.   This usually involves:

More information

Read about our partnership with Plan in this short case study.

If you would like to discuss a training partnership with us please contact us.

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