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Booking terms and conditions

[Effective from March 2018]

1. Booking process

2. Payment of course fees

3. Cancellation and variation of events

4. Cancellation of bookings

5. Transfer of bookings to other events

6. Admissions policy

7. Visa applications

8. Data Protection


1. Booking process

To book a place on a Mango training course, each applicant must complete a booking form (either online or manual). If you book online, you must tick the box to confirm you have read and accept our booking terms and conditions. 

We will send you a booking acknowledgment when we receive your completed booking form. We assess all applications for suitability and will send a confirmation or a request for further information within three days of receipt of the booking. The booking confirmation acknowledges your acceptance of our terms and conditions and forms your contract with Mango.


2. Payment of course fees

We will send an invoice for course fees within seven days of receiving your confirmation of booking. You are then liable for the whole fee unless we receive written notification of cancellation or transfer (see below).

We reserve the right to cancel a reservation if a participant does not respond to a payment chase.  The full course fees are due before the course takes place. In exceptional circumstances, we will accept a letter of guarantee from sponsors for payment during or after the course takes place.

Invoices are issued (and must be paid) in British Pounds Sterling (GBP). We will send full details of how to pay course fees with the invoice - options include payment by cheque or BACS from a UK bank account; international bank transfer; and international money order. The customer is responsible for all transaction charges.


3. Cancellation and variation of events

Mango reserves the right to change advertised details of training events. If we have to cancel a course, we will inform all participants at least four weeks before the course is due to take place.  We will reimburse all course fees paid, but we are unable to compensate for any other costs incurred, such as flights and accommodation.

If we have to change the dates of a course, applicants may request a full refund if the new dates are not convenient.


4. Cancellation of bookings

Any request to cancel a place on a course must be submitted in writing, via email to

If you have to cancel a place and can find a suitable replacement* (up to and including the day of the workshop) there will be no cancellation charge. If you are unable to find a suitable replacement, cancellation charges will apply as below. 

We regret that we have to do this, however all bookings involve administrative costs and it is difficult to fill spaces made vacant by late cancellations. Training venues charge us for empty seats. 

*Please ensure that the substitute participant has the necessary background to take place in the course.

These rules apply to the course fee only.

Cancellation charges depend on when we receive your written cancellation notice:  

  • 40 or more days before the course start date:  no cancellation charge, full credit towards a future event, alternatively a refund if preferred.
  • 21 to 39 calendar days before the course start date: no cancellation charge, full credit towards a future event. 
  • 1 to 20 calendar days before the course start date: 25% cancellation charge, 75% credit towards a future event


5. Admissions policy

In certain circumstances, we reserve the right to refuse entry or to ask participants to join the training as observers only.  In such cases, we will not refund course fees or provide a certificate of attendance but course materials may be retained. 

This could include the following circumstances:

  • Disruptive or abusive behaviour (this includes unacceptable absences)
  • Unauthorised late substitution of a confirmed course participant where the replacement person is not suitable for the course
  • Failure to show up on Day 1 of a course
  • Failure to fulfil the required time commitment and activities on an elearning course
  • Where a participant does not meet the minimum required language skill level or other critical entry criteria.


6. Visa applications

Where required, we will provide a letter to support a visa application when we have received the full course fee. Any additional costs associated with providing a visa letter, for example the cost of sending the letter by courier, will be  separately invoiced

Please make sure that you fully research visa entry requirements before you confirm your booking and allow enough time to make the visa application. If you have to cancel your booking because of a failed visa request, normal cancellation charges will apply.

Further details on our visa policy here.


7. Data Protection

Unless you tell us otherwise, we will add your contact details to our confidential and secure customer database. We will send you Mango's newsletter and information on our other services from time to time. You can unsubscribe at any time and we will never share your details with external agents.

We occasionaly take photographs and/or film participants at our training events. These may be used in promotional material.



Last updated: March 2018


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