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Our training

"The first training I have ever been to that I have not continuously looked at my watch to see when it is over. It was interesting and fun, which is strange when considering how much I have previously hated finance. Great trainer!"

We have trained more than 20,000 people in over 80 countries. No-one takes the fear out of finance like Mango does!

Mango training supports NGOs and other non-profit organisations to do more with their money, to achieve their goals.  We work with community-based NGOs as well as large international NGOs through a global programme of open courses and in-house events for clients.

Our range of courses are carefully designed, and continually evolving, to remain relevant to the real needs of both programme and finance staff working in the field and at head office.  

Whether it’s getting the basics right or tackling strategic financial planning, we know how to take the fear out of finance. Take a look at some of our participant feedback to learn more. 

How is Mango training different?