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Investing in children in Uganda: God’s Love Home and School

God’s Love Home and School in Uganda exists to improve the quality of life of vulnerable children and orphans through providing education, care, love and support. The NGO runs a small school with the long-term target of becoming financially sustainable by enrolling fee-paying students.

James Mukiibi, Project Leader, sent the following feedback after attending Mango’s Building a sustainable future – financial tools and techniques (ST1) course in Kampala:

"The SWOT analysis was one of the lovely things I enjoyed doing. I was able to check the project fully and honestly. After this knowledge we have set up a clear organisational structure to tackle most of the issues identified. Financial matrix knowledge has helped in checking our financial management skills and now we have proper accounts.

Before the course, our organisation was giving completely free services to all customers, but we have been able to enrol a few fee-paying students, and the small income generated helps us to support vulnerable children. We hope with bigger classrooms built we shall be clearly fully financially sustainable. At the course, we learnt that we could charge fees differently depending on the financial ability. This practise is being done and some incomes are coming in.

We have initiated the clubs among the children - they can now be called to sing at different churches and money comes back to the organisation. Every year we hold a graduation party where our Top nursery children are promoted to Primary One level. Children prepare interesting things and guardians are invited to come and see these performances at a fee, which provides more income for the organisation. I really appreciate Mango for the opportunity given to me/us to learn these skills and be able to communicate to the organisation."

Want to learn more? Visit their Facebook page.  God's Love Home and School are urgently seeking funding for a new classroom through their Global Giving page. Visit today to contribute to this fantastic project. Do you work for a local NGO? You might qualify for a bursary to help with the cost of attending Mango training. 

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