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Mango’s recruitment service connects humanitarian and development NGOs worldwide with finance people who make a difference. We have made:

At Mango, we know that if NGOs want to make the most of their money, they need to have the right finance staff.  And we understand that finding the right finance staff can be a challenge. Mango’s specialist NGO finance recruitment service is here to help. 


What makes Mango recruitment different?

Our success is built on our understanding of NGO finance needs and our ability to attract and identify finance professionals who are effective. If you’re an NGO looking for finance staff, or a finance professional looking for an inspiring job, take a look at our video to see what Mango’s recruitment service could do for you.


Recently filled roles:

Last updated November 2017


If you are looking for a job, click here to find out how to join our register and become a Mango member. Alternatively, if you are a potential client looking to fill a role, click here to find out more about our search services, or here to fill out a staff request form.