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Mango members on Placement: Adil Shah in the UK and in the field with ADD International

Adil (far left) on a field visit earlier this year, in Cambodia, with an ADD partner that works towards the economic empowerment of disabled women.


Adil Shah has been a Mango member for several years and is currently working as the Director of Finance and HR with ADD International (Action on Disability and Development), a role he found through Mango's recruitment service. Below he tells us about his varied post and how he manages the finance team across three continents.


"I've been with ADD International since I was placed there by Mango in November 2015. It is a very varied position, and in addition to my financial responsibilities, I am also responsible for overseeing all HR, IT, legal and admin work, as well as acting as Company Secretary. I certainly have a very diverse role!

"As part of my work, I'm in charge of co-ordinating the five country offices in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Uganda, Sudan and Tanzania. Although I'm mainly in the UK, I have to travel to each country office at least once a year, but I've already been to Tanzania twice this year! Capacity building is a large part of my role, as at ADD we have a policy of only employing local staff in the country offices, especially for the roles of Country Director. Co-ordinating across three continents can certainly be very challenging, as each country has different legislative and institutional systems. Working with ADD is especially challenging as we are a rights-based organisation, which means that you very often must challenge the status quo on the field, which often puts you in conflict with governments! At the moment, as with many other UK based INGOs, we're also trying to get our head around the financial management issues caused by Brexit, such as the exchange rate problem caused by the devaluation of the Pound and potential cuts to funding.

"ADD have very strong relationships with Mango, and so I've experienced Mango as both a member and as a client, since I joined the register in 2009. We recently just hired an Interim Finance and Administration Manager for our Tanzania office and she was very competent! Mango came up in a conversation I was having with a member of Comic Relief, who have also worked with Mango in the past; I was so positive about Mango's service that they thought I was a secret Mango staff member!"


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