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Making finance count - from Sri Lanka to South Sudan

Romesh De Zoysa was all set for a career in corporate sector finance when the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami hit. In response to the disaster,Romesh joined ActionAid International as a finance consultant and has worked in the not-for-profit sector ever since. 

In 2011, Mango helped him to secure the position of Finance and Administration Manager in the Indian office of UK charity Restless Development, a youth-led organisation supporting young people to pursue employment and promoting reproductive rights. Using Mango’s free online resources, Romesh developed control systems to manage Restless Development’s expansion from one state office to eleven in only six months. With guidance from Mango’s career team, Romesh joined the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) operation in South Sudan last June. 


He now works in Maban as part of the DRC team, supporting the 135,000 displaced people living in refugee camps who are suffering lack of food and the threat of further conflict. Read his inspiring story here.