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Can you sum up your long-term impact in a photo? Mango invites NGOs of all sizes to take part in their new Twitter campaign


In Syria, Nepal, Sierra Leone and countless other countries across the globe, grassroots NGOs are working all the time to help people help themselves.  They are usually first on the scene when disaster strikes, and strive to go on protecting vulnerable and disadvantaged people long after the world’s attention has moved on.

Often their work has the greatest potential to deliver long-term impact.  But without a sound grasp of financial management, they will struggle to achieve long-term sustainability.

The World Disasters Report 2015 revealed that just 1.6% of aid funding goes to local organisations. This is despite growing evidence that local actors work in a more agile, effective and sustainable way than some larger organisations.  A key reason for this trend? Donors are afraid of the risks associated with directly funding smaller organisations – fraud, corruption and misuse of funds, to name a few.

In response, UK-based NGO Mango has launched an interactive digital campaign, ‘Make it count’, which aims to:  

Mango believe that equipping smaller NGOs with robust financial management skills is key to ensuring their long-term sustainability. Tim Boyes-Watson, Mango’s Executive Director, said "Some donors are recognising the power of working with local NGOs and that giving skills can have more impact than giving money.  It's so inspiring to hear these stories of how Mango bursary recipients like Tikondwe in Malawi make their work count, and to hear how Mango's training has made them more sustainable and to be able to carry on vital support for the poorest in their own communities, without donor funding."

Mango urges NGOs of all sizes to take part in the campaign, to help raise funds and awareness of the positive ways NGOs make their money count in the long-term.  Visit for more details on how to take part, and follow Mango on Twitter: @Mango4NGOs.




Tim Boyes-Watson : +44 (0) 7976 406 682.

Notes to editors

Mango is a UK-based NGO dedicated to strengthening the financial management and accountability of NGOs and their partners worldwide. They deliver award-winning financial management training, recruitment and consultancy services across the globe. They offer a wide range of free online tools, as well as a training bursary scheme for national NGOs. Mango also play a key role in thought leadership and advocacy on sector-wide financial management issues.