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The African Academy of Sciences and Mango announce strategic partnership to help develop a new pan-African standard in Good Financial Grant Practice

29 January 2016


The African Academy of Sciences (AAS) and Management Accounting for NGOs (Mango) today announced the launch of a strategic partnership. 

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Providing a lifeline to people in Syria - how SYAN #Makeitcount

18 January 2016

In Syria, where most qualified professionals have died or fled the country, Syrian Youths Associate Network  (SYAN) provide training that enables people to deliver essential public services. This year Mango and SYAN partnered to deliver essential financial management training to NGO staff working in Syria. We spoke with Baraa Bakkar, Chairman of the organisation. In this sobering account, he explains how SYAN provide a lifeline to people who are struggling to cope with extraordinary challenges, and why capacity building is a top priority.

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Too important to fail - it’s a question of trust

17 January 2016

Today marks the launch of a groundbreaking report “Too important to fail – addressing the humanitarian financing gap” urging the global community to rethink the way they finance, distribute and document spending on humanitarian aid. Commissioned by the UN Secretary-General ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit in May, it details the drivers behind a diverse array of proposed changes in the status quo and lays out key recommendations for increasing effectiveness, efficiency and transparency.

The report calls for what Mango is already campaigning for:

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A bridge to the future: placing NPO accounting standards at the heart of aid and development

13 January 2016

2015 saw a major breakthrough in the development of international NPO accounting standards. In his article for Charity Finance magazine, Tim Boyes-Watson, Executive Director, explains how Mango is spearheading the campaign and why raising financial management standards is key to increasing transparency, efficiency and quality. 


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