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Update from the field: my Ebola experience

27 April 2015

My Ebola Experience – the journey continues…

Following her post in February, Mango register member Margaret Otim updates us on her experiences of the Ebola crisis that hit Sierra Leone last year.


10 months straight in Sierra Leone without seeing my family has been hard, real hard.  Some of my friends said I was insane and sometimes I too, felt like I was losing my mind! But the joy of seeing the Ebola cases reducing across the country from January 2015 countered my homesickness. 
Hearing the WHO projecting that the country could be declared Ebola-free by the end of August was like morning dew to a thirsty man! In an effort to achieve this, the government has declared a 3-day period in March when everyone should stay in their homes in order for volunteers to visit and search for possible Ebola cases.


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