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What's money got to do with resilience?

13 March 2014

Natural disasters destroy lives and infrastructure but it is the wave of money that follows which too often destroys the resilience of local NGOs. What lessons can we learn from past crises which might apply in the Philippines?

Too little, too late - at first
The first challenge that local organizations face is getting access to sufficient money, quickly enough to respond. Too often international relief is stalled outside the areas of most need – while local organizations are responding in the worst-affected areas as best they can but with extremely limited resources.

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A Philippines experience

10 March 2014

The Philippines is a long way away! Some 26 hours door to door and with an 8 hour time difference to factor in, that all adds up to a lot of travelling and a lot of jet-lag. Unfortunately, even though I travel a lot for my work, I have yet to find the miracle cure for this so I regularly suffer, mainly from not being able to sleep.

Undoubtedly the first thing that springs to mind, in recent memory, with the mention of the Philippines is Typhoon Haiyan, locally known as Yolanda, which happened in Nov 2013.  This was  a typhoon that was the deadliest on record in the Philippines, killing in excess of 6,000 people and devastating large areas of the country.  Haiyan was so powerful it was the strongest storm ever recorded at landfall and unofficially the strongest typhoon ever recorded in terms of wind speed.

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