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Practical action to prevent bribery in humanitarian aid

26 November 2013

Aid and corruption are often linked in the minds of the public and in media headlines. However, in my experience, the practical steps needed by NGOs to prevent bribery are much less likely to grab everyone’s attention.

There has been excellent guidance produced by Transparency international (TI) on Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Operations. This is a great resource for when you hit trouble, but for me what each humanitarian worker needs is their own personal version of a seven point action plan, roughly based on the Anti-bribery Principles and Guidance for NGOs, which Mango developed with TI and a range of
other NGOs.

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New research on international financial reporting standards

14 November 2013

Charity Finance Group and Mango are on the steering committee for an exciting piece of research on global use of financial reporting standards in non-profits. The research, funded by CCAB and carried out by a group of universities led by Sheffield Hallam, marks the next step in building evidence on this important area. 

The project leads on from previous efforts to explore possible development in the future of an international non-profit standard. This has included a symposium event held by CFG in July 2012 with key accounting officials, representation from the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), and finance directors from major UK and international charities. 

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Managing our relationships with institutional donors

1 November 2013

What can we learn from Merlin's experience? 

Changes in the funding environment are leading to increasing reliance on donor funding and financial challenges for NGOs. Donors and NGOs need to find new ways of working together to encourage a healthy, independent and thriving NGO sector, as Tim Boyes-Watson explains.

Merlin’s financial challenges appear to have led to its merger with Save the Children UK and should also serve as a timely reminder for all international NGOs that a diverse range of income sources is essential for financial survival and to maintain independence. 

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