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Mango members on Placement: Stephen Hawthorne in Zambia with Build It International

1 November 2017

Register member Stephen Hawthorne recently started his third Mango placement as the Volunteer Head of Finance in Zambia with Build It International. We recently caught up with him to hear how he was enjoying life in Lusaka despite having his hands full!

‘I’m halfway into my third Mango assignment, this time as a Volunteer Head of Finance with Build It International, based at their head office in Zambia. This is the fourth NGO I’ve worked for and my second volunteer assignment. The work is challenging but rewarding; you are part of a team that will train more than 150 Zambians in 2017, giving them building skills that will improve their job prospects. As with many NGO roles the reality of the work has been slightly different from the job description, so I’ve had to be flexible. I’ve spent a great deal more time than I expected on day-to-day financial tasks, providing the Finance Manager with much needed support for her immense workload. Over my remaining six months in the role, I hope to spend more time on capacity building and making lasting improvements to financial procedures. As in many developing country contexts, there is a real need for capacity building and skills development in NGO finance teams in Zambia.

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Mango members on Placement: Aderemi Sotunbo in Sweden with the Life and Peace Institute

16 October 2017

Aderemi Sotunbo is a seasoned Mango register member and has previously been placed by us with Save the Children in the DRC. He recently caught up with us to let us know how he is enjoying his most recent placement as Director of Finance and Administration for the Life and Peace Institute in Uppsala, Sweden. Aderemi tells us how he has already been on a whirlwind tour of East Africa since he started three months ago, and how he’s been keeping very busy in his new role.

This July I started my role as Director of Finance and Administration for Life and Peace Institute in Uppsala, Sweden. I feel like this role came at the perfect time! The confirmation of my appointment actually came on my birthday. Over my last few roles I have spent a great deal of time based in field locations, so I was ready to make the change to an HQ role.

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Mango members on Placement: Nick Roberts in Iraq with Tearfund

11 October 2017

Nick Roberts has just finished his assignment as a Temporary Finance Manager with Tearfund, in Erbil, Iraq. We recently caught up with him and heard how he enjoyed living and working in the home of one of the world's oldest civilisations.

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Mango members on Placement: Cathrine Meda in Ghana with the Sabre Trust

11 October 2017

Register Member Cathrine Meda is currently on her first Mango placement, as a Group Finance Manager with the Sabre Trust in Elima, Ghana. Cathy tells us how she is enjoying implementing structural change in an expanding organisation and how she is savouring life by the ocean.

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The human side of excellence

17 July 2017

The humanitarian and development sector inspires people around the world with its strong purpose, innovative solutions, and spirit of collaboration. Yet change for our sector is accelerating with the growing complexity and challenge of social problems as well as increasing pressures on funding, organizational models, and delivering long-term results. Disruptive change seems to be the new constant in our sector. Many days, it seems, disruptions emerge across multiple levels, not only from the external environment, but also at the organizational and partner level, and even at the team and individual level.

What can help? As a community, we believe that operational capabilities and operational excellence enable individuals and organizations to better navigate, adapt, and thrive in periods of change. But operational capabilities are not static, and practices and approaches are evolving more quickly, often influenced by the same external forces.  

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