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'Worth the Onions' - A Celebration of the 1000 Members of the Register of Finance Professionals

24 April 2018

The Mango Register of Finance Professionals was created almost 20 years ago in response to a recognized need to match NGOs with dedicated, qualified and experienced finance staff. As we get ready to welcome our 1000th member to join the register, now under the banner of Humentum, we’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on the wealth of talent and knowledge that is encapsulated by the gifted individuals who make up our 1000 strong community of finance professionals.

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Register Members on Placement: Peter Last in Palestine with the Freedom Theatre

18 April 2018

Register Member Peter Last joined our community of finance professionals in 2003 and completed his fourth placement through the recruitment service last year. Peter recently caught up with us to tell us about his time in the Jenin Refugee Camp, Palestine, where he completed a short-term consultancy with The Freedom Theatre. Peter recalls his time in the camp with fondness, reflecting on the hospitality he received from staff members and locals, his adventures through Google Translate, and the transformative work of the Freedom Theatre itself. 

Above: a section from the community mural created by participants of The Freedom Theatre's mural class, led by artist Moana Niumeitolu.

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Mango Members on Placement: Christina Mangunda in Sierra Leone with the British Red Cross Society

10 April 2018

Christina Mangunda joined our Register of Finance Professionals in 2016 and started her first Mango placement in 2017 with the British Red Cross (BRC) in Sierra Leone. We recently got in touch with her to find out how she has been enjoying her new role, collaborating with different branches of the Red Cross, and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Sierra Leone.


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Mango Members on Placement: Juliette Webb with BRAC UK

28 March 2018

Juliette Webb joined our Register of Finance Professionals in early 2017 and has already secured two placements through our recruitment service. We recently caught up with Juliette who told us about how her new position as the Finance and Resources Manager for BRAC UK compares to her previous life in the public sector.

I’m nine months into my role and it is very varied; at times it can be back to basics, such as tying up loose ends for the upcoming end of the financial year, whilst at other times I will be working at the strategic level working closely with the CEO and Programme Director. My role has essentially the same scope as a Head of Finance although the role also encompasses many HR and office management responsibilities. There is a real spectrum of work in the role, so there is never a dull moment!

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Mango members on Placement: Stephen Hawthorne in Zambia with Build It International

1 November 2017

Register member Stephen Hawthorne recently started his third Mango placement as the Volunteer Head of Finance in Zambia with Build It International. We recently caught up with him to hear how he was enjoying life in Lusaka despite having his hands full!

‘I’m halfway into my third Mango assignment, this time as a Volunteer Head of Finance with Build It International, based at their head office in Zambia. This is the fourth NGO I’ve worked for and my second volunteer assignment. The work is challenging but rewarding; you are part of a team that will train more than 150 Zambians in 2017, giving them building skills that will improve their job prospects. As with many NGO roles the reality of the work has been slightly different from the job description, so I’ve had to be flexible. I’ve spent a great deal more time than I expected on day-to-day financial tasks, providing the Finance Manager with much needed support for her immense workload. Over my remaining six months in the role, I hope to spend more time on capacity building and making lasting improvements to financial procedures. As in many developing country contexts, there is a real need for capacity building and skills development in NGO finance teams in Zambia.

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