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We are proud to launch this interactive campaign on 10 November, International Accounting Day. With your help, we aim to:

The issue

In Syria, Nepal, Sierra Leone and countless other countries across the globe, grassroots NGOs are working all the time to help people help themselves.  They are usually first on the scene when disaster strikes, and strive to go on protecting vulnerable and disadvantaged people long after the world’s attention has moved on. Often their work has the greatest potential to deliver long-term impact.

But without a sound grasp of financial management, they will struggle to achieve long-term sustainability.

The World Disasters Report 2015 revealed that just 1.6% of aid funding goes to local organisations.  Investing in robust financial management skills will enable grassroots NGOs to make the most of their money and create more of it.


#MakeItCount – Join our campaign

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Here are some inspiring examples of how grassroots NGOs are making their funds count for long-term impact

Why donate to Mango’s bursary fund?

Through our bursary scheme, we offer heavily subsidised places on our training courses to local NGOs. We set them on the road to financial independence and sustainability.  We move closer to realising our vision of a world where everyone is confident that NGOs are making the most of their money.


We'll make every penny of your donation count

Listen to Grace as she explains the impact a bursary had on Upendo, an organisation which works with orphans in Kilifi, Kenya:


Calling all NGO workers and volunteers - sum up your long-term impact with a photo and caption

This is a fantastic opportunity to help a great cause, whilst raising your NGO's profile on our website and social networks. Tweet us a photo for our campaign gallery!


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