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Job spotlight: Treasurer

Alongside his day job at International Alert, Mango register member Leo Skyner volunteers his time and skills as Treasurer and Trustee of Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI). Our Recruitment team asked him to share some insight into the role.

Tell us a bit about yourself
I am currently Head of Operations and Development – Africa Programme for International Alert. 

I am also Treasurer and Trustee of Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI) which provides legal help for journalists, bloggers and independent media across the world

What is your experience of being a Treasurer?
I have been a Trustee for about 2 ½ years – working as a member of the full Board, and also participating in, and more recently running the Finance Committee. Both meet 4 times a year, so the commitment is approximately 8 meetings, 1 strategy day, and then ad hoc discussions with the CEO and COO mainly on areas of financial management.  MLDI is a relatively young, but growing organisation and it is an interesting time to be part of the charity. 


What have you most enjoyed, and is there anything you've been able to bring to your day job?
What is most enjoyable is working with a very diverse set of Trustees – with other members being well renowned lawyers and journalists. There is often therefore a very engaging discussion on the work we do (including from time to time on which cases we should support), and which thematic areas and geographies we should be focusing on. In the same vein, it is interesting to work at a more strategic level in terms of setting the charity’s objectives for the medium term. An important trustee focus is on the sustainability of the organisation and therefore the role  is not just to look at the next year, but the following years as well. 

What have been the challenges?

In a relatively small INGO, one challenge is to understand the division of responsibilities between management and Trustees and ensure that boundaries are kept. 

Any advice to fellow register members who are thinking about being a Treasurer?
I would certainly encourage register members who are thinking about volunteering to have a go. 

Could you volunteer as a Treasurer?

If you're interested in volunteering as a Treasurer and would like to know more, contact our Recruitment team

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