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New Agenda - Way Forward

NGOs can manage their performance better by focusing on factors that are within their control; and on their own performance, rather than other people’s results.

Specifically, NGOs can focus on the contribution they make to people’s own efforts to help themselves. Building on the Two Golden Rules, this leads to a new agenda for management.

Let's focus more on how NGOs work with people and partners, and whether NGOs are doing a good job, rather than what NGOs and local people are doing.

Impact can be re-framed as ‘the value that an international NGO or donor adds to the efforts of the people and organisations it works with directly, in strengthening their abilities to tackle their own social issues’.

This can help shape an organisation’s whole approach to managing and reporting its performance, and using its funds effectively.


Also see Reporting to beneficiaries and Accountability Sections of the Guide


If you have put any of these ideas into practice, please share your experience with other Mango users by submitting a case study.

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