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Mango's Accounting pack

Mango's Accounting pack is a simple accounting system based on Excel spreadsheets with a comprehensive user guide.

Based on extensive field experience, the system has been specifically designed for small to medium sized NGO offices. We have tried to make it as practical as possible. It is flexible and straightforward and free.


Thank you!!! I cannot tell you how many times I wished I could find a financial system that was tailor-made for NGOs and that came with a guidebook that helps a non-financial expert understand the terminology, how the system actually works, and a step by step guide for getting the system set up. Mango's Accounting system is a real dream come true!   

David Emery, International Director, Bareebo Organization, Cambodia.


Key features:

Be aware that:

Click this page of the Guide for some useful Tips on using Excel to do accounts.


 Download it here:

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