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Integrating financial management

It is a commonly held view that finance is done by accountants in offices and programmes are done by people who get out into the field, doing the actual work!

Often there can be tensions between these two groups, with battle lines firmly drawn in the ‘finance vs programme’ war.


Programme staff say... Finance staff say...
They have no idea how it really works in the field and the constraints we are under They always have new excuses for lack of receipts or late submission
It takes so long to get funds to implement activities We need proper authorisation procedures
We are expected to code requisitions and read financial reports but that is their job They don’t realise that they are responsible for the finances of their projects
They just talk in complicated words
I don’t understand
They don’t know anything about finance

One of the key challenges in successful financial management is getting finance and programme staff to feel that they are working together towards the same goal.

Each side needs to understand how their roles are both important to achieving the organisation’s mission so that they can be bound together as a strong united team.  The following resources are a great place to start - and may surprise you!

Job descriptions

Download iconThis document covers the financial tasks for job descriptions of the Board, Chief Excecutive, programme managers and finance team.

How well integrated is your organisation?

Use Mango's integration checklist to assess your own organisation.

What can be done to bring finance and programme together?

1. Encourage finance staff to stay committed to programme goals.

2. Encourage programme staff to think about financial issues

3. Financial reporting to beneficiaries

4. Use Mango's integration checklist

5. See our Top tips for integrating financial management.

Top tips 9: Integrating financial management

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