Helping NGOs do more with their money

How to use the Guide

The Guide has seven sections:

  1. Financial management in context - what NGOs do, integrating financial management into programmes, and improving financial management in your organisation.
  2. Working with beneficiaries - reporting to beneficiaries, accountability and a New Management Agenda.
  3. Financial governance - legal requirements, responsibilities, audit and fraud.
  4. Getting the basics right - the four building blocks: keeping accounts, financial planning, financial monitoring and internal controls.
  5. Grant management - receiving and giving grants, working with donors and partners, accountability.
  6. Financial sustainability - developing a financing strategy, risk assessment, building reserves, types of funding, managing and financing overheads.
  7. Free downloads - practical resources available to download and use, including tools, case studies, example documents, top-tips, external links and further reading, each represented by a different icon.

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