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UK-based finance directors seminars

Mango's exclusive seminar series for UK-based Finance Directors of larger INGOs.

Group Purpose

The seminars provide Finance Directors with a supportive and private peer group to discuss practical management issues.

Presentations are typically given by the Finance Directors themselves based on their own learning and emerging good practice.  Finance Directors consistently say how much they  value this frank, confidential and structured space to reflect and explore what does and doesn't work.

How the Group Works

The seminars are convened, planned and facilitated by Siham Bortcosh, an experienced Mango Associate, working closely with Mango's Director, Tim Boyes-Watson.  The topics are chosen annually based on the priorities agreed by the participants.

The seminars benefit from the regular attendance of development expert Tina Wallace (Oxford University), with rotating attendance from others who are invited to give presentations on specific topics.  For example, in previous sessions we have enjoyed the following contributions:

We are very grateful to KPMG for providing their excellent meeting facilities for these important seminars.

2016/17 seminar dates & topics

Date Topic
6 June Funding, finance and resource allocation: the strategic framework
8 September Improving the financial management and commercial skills of the rest of the organisation
19 December Bidding for and delivering large scale complex contracts
Spring 2017 Organisational performance management and INGO systems: developments and approaches

Reports and Presentations

Reports and presentations from past seminars will be available through our website shortly. Thank you in advance for your patience. 

Joining the Group

Contact Tim Boyes-Watson to find out more or to ask to join.  Membership is open to UK-based Finance Directors of INGOs with an annual income of greater than £10m.

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