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East & central Africa inter-agency finance group

Group Purpose

This group was created in August 2011 to facilitate learning and to develop and share good practice in financial management and accountability of NGOs in East and Central Africa. The group has a Steering Committee of NGO professionals who are all living and working in East and Central Africa and who determine the membership criteria, and consult members about key prorities and activities.

Many of Mango's Register members (Finance professionals working in NGOs who get career advice and support from Mango) are also members of this group.

Membership and How to Join

You need to be working for an NGO involved in development or humanitarian work in East or Central Africa and be committed to strengthening the financial management and accountability of NGOs.

The group communicates via a Linked-in group.  You can apply to join the Linked-in group here.


A key priority of the group is developing collective action by NGOs to prevent bribery and corruption.

Activities to date have included an anti-bribery workshop in Nairobi in 2011, followed by our first ever anti-bribery conference, NGOs Don't Pay Bribes, which was held there in 2012. Read more about our anti-bribery campaign here

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