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We're moving to soon.

The campaign continues - building support for internationally recognised NGO accounting standards amongst standard setters, donors and NGOs worldwide. 

What happened on 24 May?  

Not only was it the last day of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), it was also the day the IASB (International Accounting Standards Board) met to decide whether or not to extend its remit to cover non-profit accounting standards. (Need to get up to speed on the issues? Take a look at the campaign timeline).

We did significant work around WHS and the IASB consultation to ensure that NGOs' voices were heard. Sadly, the IASB board decided not to extend its remit to cover non-profit accounting standards - but the campaign doesn't end there. We will continue to communicate with the IASB on this important issue. 

Our commitment to realising aid localisation targets is stronger than ever 

Here are the promises we made at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul - including our commitment to reducing the barriers national and local NGOs face in accessing humanitarian financing. We believe introducing internationally recognised NGO accounting standards will be key to delivering on these. 



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