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FMD Pro certification

The Challenge: Need for increased accountability for financial outcomes 

It is widely acknowledged and accepted that financial accountability of development and humanitarian relief organisations is critical to sustaining support for aid funding, especially as aid flows are diversifying to new actors.  The non-financial managers who lead an organisation’s field/community-based activities (project managers, technical extension agents and general managers) are critical to improving financial accountability and performance.

Nevertheless, while the need and demand for capacity building in financial management is high, existing alternatives for professional development are fragmented, vary in quality, and are not scalable.  As a result, development and relief workers lack accessible, appropriate training; development organisations are unable to manage the career development of their staff, donor agencies struggle to find partner organisations with the capacity to implement projects, and project outcomes suffer from sub-optimal outcomes and impact.

The Solution: FMD Pro: An openly accessible and scalable standard 

The Financial Management for the Development Professional (FMD Pro) initiative seeks to improve the impact of development and humanitarian organisations by creating a professional financial management certification for programme and project professionals in the sector. FMD Pro initiative objectives include: 

The Project Leadership: diverse expertise and stakeholder engagement

The FMD Pro Advisory Group serves as the Project Lead for FMD Pro and includes:

LINGOs is the facilitator of the Working Group and the project manager for the initiative. LINGOs was the convener and architect of the highly successful PMD Pro certification upon which FMD Pro is modelled which as has already certified 10,000 professionals in over 80 countries. 

Mango (Management Accounting for NGOs) is the lead subject matter expert for the FMD Pro and has agreed to share its proven and tested content on financial management which had been used to train over 18,000 NGO professionals globally.

InsideNGO is the liaison between the initiative and the Chief Financial Officer community of over 300 organizations. InsideNGO has over 25 years experience serving the financial and grants management community.

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What do you think of this initiative? Which financial management skills for programme staff do you think FMD Pro should cover? We'd love to hear your views. Please email Tim Boyes-Watson with your ideas. 


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