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Cost recovery

The growing imperative for better cost recovery

The international NGO sector is facing a general trend towards an increasing proportion of income being derived from restricted or institutional sources. As a consequence there are sector wide moves towards making unrestricted funds go further.  

The biggest risk to NGOs in maximising their scope for cost recovery is in existing unrestricted income streams.

Organisations that currently demonstrate the most effective cost recovery processes are those who have high proportions of restricted income and for whom cost recovery is key to their financial sustainability.

Some NGOs have not faced that degree of pressure because of their strength in generating unrestricted income. In many cases, the balance of NGOs' income mix is changing and the pressure to optimise the use of restricted income is growing. Consequently, it is fast becoming an issue of great focus at the governance level within NGOs.

How can Mango help?

Mango can support NGOs to deliver the following benefits around cost recovery: