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Table of consultancy daily rates (excluding VAT)

Type of Support Focus areas Non-profit & individuals 
Less than GBP 1 million
More than
GBP 1 million
& for-profit & governmental

Expert consultancy support, including preparation, report writing, face-to-face delivery and remote follow up support. Some examples of expert support focus areas are:

  • Internal audit assignments
  • Financial and information systems reviews
  • Partner capacity assessments
  • Assistance with donor budget and report preparation
  • Development of finance manuals and procedures
  • Grant management advice.
GBP 515 GBP 625

Specialist consultancy support, usually requiring more experienced staff or associates. Some examples of specialist consultancy include:

  • Fraud investigations
  • Specialised audit assignments
  • Value for money analysis
  • Strategic and risk reviews
  • Development of financing strategies
  • Support with development of cost recovery practice
  • Advice on commercial contracting
  • Advice about significant restructuring or strategic change management.
GBP 625 GBP 735


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