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Help us to change the way donors and NGOs view failure

In December 2014, we published this blog entry about failure, and why it is essential to encourage honest discussion about mistakes in order to learn from them and increase our effectiveness. 

We acknowledged that it can be difficult to have open and honest discussions about failure, especially for NGOs who can be reluctant to speak up for fear of damaging their reputation and donor relationships. This is despite the fact that experience in other complex fields, like medicine, suggests that learning from failure and introducing systems to help prevent it can radically transform outcomes.

When financial management goes wrong

We want to break the silence and encourage members of the NGO community to share their stories on financial management setbacks and how they dealt with them. This is the first step in learning from our own mistakes, and helping others to achieve greater effectiveness by avoiding similar pitfalls.

Share your experience

Help us to open up the conversation about financial management failures. Your stories could be about operational or strategic financial management problems. Here are some ideas for story topics to get you started:

Send your anonymous story - be the start of a campaign!

If you are willing to share your anonymous story, please download this short form, complete it and email it back to us. Once we have enough stories, we will share them on our website as learning tools, and use them to start building a campaign for improved dialogue and understanding around failure between NGOs and donors. 


Spread the word

Please share this page with anyone you know who may benefit from taking part. Thank you!