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Bursary applications for our 'Planning for financial sustainability' course - important note
If you are planning to submit a bursary application for this course, please be aware that for all sessions taking place from October 2015, the course length will increase from 2 days to 3 days. This will affect the amount we ask you to contribute towards the course fee. Please refer to the bursary fees table further down on this webpage for more information before you complete the application form. 

Bursary scheme

The purpose of Mango's bursary fund is to improve access to Mango training for poorly-resourced, local NGOs who would otherwise not be able to afford to join us. The bursary fund is limited so this means that we have to introduce conditions on who can apply and how it is used. You can download our bursary information sheet in English or in French (Fiche d'information bourse) to learn more.


Which courses are supported with bursaries?

You can apply for a bursary for the following courses run in countries outside the UK:

Bursaries are dependent on funds being available for the selected training events.

Who can apply for a Mango bursary?

Mango bursaries are open to staff of local NGOs with limited funding, who meet the entry criteria of the course they are applying to attend.  Staff who work for international NGOs do not qualify for the bursary fund as we believe they have more opportunity to find other sponsorship.

Bursary applications are considered on merit. We will give priority to small and poorly-resourced NGOs who are based in the country where the training takes place, and where the training will have greatest impact.

What does a bursary cover?

A bursary covers a certain percentage of the Mango course fee.  The amount awarded depends on the annual income of the applicant NGO. We believe it is important that the applicant NGO makes a contribution to the course fee so that the training is seen as an investment for the whole organisation.

Expected contributions towards the course fees are as follows:

Annual income less than:

Getting the basics right Planning for financial sustainability (2 days)*  Planning for financial sustainability (3 days)* Keeping your donors happy 
USD 100,000 GBP 125 GBP 50 GBP 75 GBP 50
USD 300,000 GBP 300 GBP 120 GBP 180 GBP 120


*For sessions taking place from October 2015 onwards, the course length will change from 2 days to 3 days. 

Unfortunately, as our bursary fund is limited and restricted to the most poorly-resourced NGOs, bursaries are not available to organisations whose annual income is greater than USD 300,000.

Bursaries are not available to cover the cost of accommodation, per diems or travel. These costs must be paid by the NGO applying for the bursary place.


How can you apply for a bursary?

You can make a bursary application online - you just need to tick the Mango bursary box. Alternatively please complete a bursary application form (also available in French Formulaire de demande de bourse).

Before you complete the form, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully to make sure you qualify and that you complete the form correctly.


External sponsorship

As an NGO ourselves, we understand the difficulty that small NGOs have in finding the funds to pay for Mango courses.  Our Bursary Scheme helps but does not cover 100% of the course fee or any incidental costs, such as accommodation and travel.

Here are some ideas that might help you to access funds for our training.  Please let us know if you have any other ideas to share.

Existing supporters

New supporters

Travel Grants has produced an excellent guide on how to access travel grants from donors.


Be organised

Submit requests for support at the earliest possible opportunity as it can often take several months to receive a decision.


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