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Mango's online learning programme launched in 2015. Our first eWorkshops are based on our popular Planning for financial sustainability and Budgeting essentials courses.

See the course outlines below for dates and fees, or email us for more details:

> Planning for financial sustainability

> Budgeting essentials

> Budget monitoring essentials


What is an eWorkshop?

elearningAn eWorkshop is the online equivalent of being in a training room and learning together as a group using collaborative activities, but stretched out over a few weeks. Courses range from five to seven weeks in duration and on average take about five hours a week for the learning activities. 

Group 'conversations' take place in asynchronous (ie not in 'real time') online discussion forums - which means you can do the work in your own time and space. But just like a face-to-face course we have a programme to follow and tasks to complete with shared deadlines. So you need to work on the same topics in the same weeks as the other participants - but you don't need to all be online at the same time.  

Read more about eWorkshops in our FAQ briefing note.


"While I could have learned just by reading through the text and examples independently, I gained so much more through our rich discussions and team tasks."

Other online learning resources

If you prefer a self-paced online learning approach, take a look at LINGOs' Last Mile Learning  financial management modules which are based on Mango's Financial Management Essentials handbookAnd don't forget Mango's Guide to Financial Management - a treasure trove of free resources!

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