Mango welcomes your feedback. We are committed to delivering high quality services that respond to our clients' real needs. We are always pleased to hear from anyone who has dealings with Mango - whether you are happy with our work or not.

We hope that any frustration on your part can be dealt with by immediate discussion with whichever member of Mango's team you are dealing with. But if you feel that your point of view is not being listened to properly, then you can ask us to consider your complaint more formally. We will take all complaints seriously, and deal with them in a prompt, fair and courteous way.

Level 1

In the first instance, please address all complaints to the director responsible for the service provided. Please state clearly that you would like the matter handled as a formal complaint. The directors are:

  • Consultancy: Peter Sargent
  • Training: Terry Lewis
  • Recruitment: Tim Boyes-Watson
  • Finance: Rob Hayes

Contact details are available here. If you prefer not to speak to the director immediately involved, you can speak to another director. The relevant director will discuss the details of your complaint with you. This may involve investigating specific facts further. We will make a formal response to you within 14 days, in writing. This will include advice on what to do next if you are not satisfied with the response (see Level 2).

Level 2

If you are not satisfied by the outcome of Level 1, then please write to Mango's Director, Tim-Boyes-Watson (contact details here), describing the reasons for your continued dissatisfaction. If the original complaint was handled by the Director, then the Level 2 process will be handled by a member of Mango's board of trustees.

The Director, or Board Member, will review the complaint and associated documents, and provide a written response to you within 28 days. If you are still dissatisfied with this response, you may then appeal to the Chair of Mango's board, within 14 days of receiving the written response to Level 2.

Level 3

Mango's Director, or Board Member, will provide the Chair with a summary report of the complaint and a copy of the relevant correspondence. The Chair will respond to you in writing, within 28 days of receipt of the appeal letter.

Charity Commission

Mango is registered as a charity in the UK, regulated by the Charity Commission. You can request information about us from them (or access it from their website) - including the names of trustees and our annual accounts. You can also discuss any further investigation of our work with them.